Assessment of fitness for work

Session details



12:00pm - 1:30pm


Zoom videoconferencing

Didactic presentation by:

Anil Adisesh

Session objectives

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the concept of “workability”
  2. Apply functional principles to facilitate “workability”
  3. Outline the types of barriers to return to work and the role of the physician in overcoming them

Session resources

Didactic presentation: Assessment of fitness for work
In this presentation, Dr. Anil Adisesh discusses the concept of “workability”, how to apply functional principles to facilitate “workability”, and the types of barriers to return to work and the physician's role in helping to overcome them.
Pulmonary toxicity following exposure to waterproofing grout sealer
Daubert GP, Spiller H, Crouch BI, Seifert S, Simone K, Smolinske S. Pulmonary toxicity following exposure to waterproofing grout sealer. J Med Toxicol. 2009 Sep;5(3):125-9. doi: 10.1007/BF03161222.
WHACS Your Patients
Schuman SH, Simpson WM Jr. WHACS your patients. J Occup Environ Med. 1999 Oct;41(10):829. doi: 10.1097/00043764-199910000-00001.

About presenter

Dr. Anil Adisesh is the Chief Medical Officer of Canadian Health Solutions. He received his medical degrees at the University of Liverpool, UK. He is UK trained in general medicine, with UK accreditation in family medicine and UK specialty accreditation in occupational medicine. 

Adisesh worked as Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the UK Health and Safety Executive national laboratory, Buxton. He was subsequently appointed the inaugural JD Irving Limited, Research Chair in Occupational Medicine at Dalhousie University, and was later Associate Professor and Division Director of Occupational Medicine in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. He was also Head of the Division of Occupational Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital Toronto.

Case presentations

Most of the learning in ECHO happens through presenting and discussing case presentations. If you have a case you would like to present, please submit a completed case presentation form to the ECHO OEM project coordinator.

Physicians presenting a case may bill OHIP for case conferences (billing codes K707 or K701).