About OEM

Occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) is a specialty practice that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as conditions related to environmental exposures. OEM is also called "occupational medicine," a specialty recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. In Canada, OEM specialists must have several years of training and experience after their medical training to attain credentials in occupational medicine.

Most health-care providers in Ontario receive fewer than 20 hours of training in occupational and environmental medicine. Although ECHO OEM is not designed to train primary health-care providers to be OEM specialists, ECHO OEM will build their capacity in occupational medicine, allowing them to better support their patients and developing their ability to mentor colleagues in OEM. Health-care providers interested in pursuing specialty training can consult with members of the ECHO OEM expert hub about the profession.

Below are the key organizations that promote and govern the profession in Canada.

Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada (OEMAC)

OEMAC is an association of physicians with an active interest in occupational and environmental medicine. The association serves as a unified voice for Canadian occupational and environmental medicine and holds a national scientific conference each year to exchange scientific and professional information. For more information, visit: oemac.org

Occupational Medicine Specialists of Canada (OMSOC)

OMSOC provides a forum for advancing the practice of occupational medicine by facilitating dialogue among physician specialists, and between occupational medicine practitioners and members of allied fields, notably government, industry, management and the law. The aim of OMSOC is to promote and enhance the specialty practice of occupational medicine in Canada. For more information, visit: www.omsoc.org

Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine (CBOM)

CBOM is a national organization of physicians with specialty knowledge in the practice of occupational medicine. CBOM sets examinations and certification standards for the profession. The aim of CBOM is to encourage the study, improve the practice and elevate the standards of occupational medicine throughout Canada. For more information, visit www.cbom.ca